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August 2009 Weddings

DH getting used to wedding band?

I just got a call from DH. Him "Have you taken a shower yet?"Me "No. I'm doing homework."Him "Ok well when you do, dont get mad at me."Me "Whyyyyyy?"Him "I left my wedding ring in there again."Haha. Is anyone else having this conversation weekly with their DH?
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Re: DH getting used to wedding band?

  • For the first few days he left it on the counter in the bathroom like your DH. Saturday he he proudly showed me the mark its leaving on his hand. It was too cute.
  • Mine, too Eva! He has a little callous on his finger now from it and is finally getting used to it.
  • Mine has been pretty good about it. It's cute. :) He didn't wear it at all yesterday and felt guilty; I showed him my hand -- no rings, either. He felt better. :)
  • HAHA! Sean says it's weird to have his on, but he never takes it off. if he does take it off, he hands it to me so he knows it doesn't get lost.
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  • Yes. Paul took his off to shave the other night and the next day on his way to work, calls me frantically saying "can you please go check the bathroom, I think I left my ring by sink". He's not used to wearing it yet, either.
  • My DH is still getting used to his too. Yesterday when we got to church he realized he had left it in the bathroom sink. He felt so bad because everyone was asking how we were doing as a newly wed and he didn't have his wedding ring to show.
  • He forgot his one day and called to apologize I thought it was so cute. He showed me the tan line he has on his finger from his this weekend. I laughed
  • He's trying to get used to it...but he isn't wearing it for a couple days because he literally has a raw spot on his finger where it has been rubbing his skin (he has stupidly sensitive skin and he plays with it--bad combination).  He asked if it was okay if he didn't wear it today--I said raw skin is a decent excuse :)
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  • My DH never takes his off. In fact, I had to ask him to take it off so I could clean it the other day. He has a diamond in there that was getting all nasty from swimming in the pool and showering with it on. I generally take mine off for doing crazy things around the house with chemicals or paint or to cook sloppy dinners. He wears his without complaint, though, as far as I know. He's worn a ring from me for years, though, so it might be why.
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  • The first few days he was complaining because it was (visibly) irritating his middle finger but he toughed it out and when he left it in the house yesterday to work on a car when he came in he commented, "it's so weird not wearing my ring"
  • Mine isn't used to it. He keeps taking it off when he's reading or watching tv. He did that the other day on the couch, forgot it was there, and turned on his side. It fell through the crack in our sectional and we had to pull the whole thing apart to find it. He keeps saying it feels weird and I keep telling him that if he just leaves it there  he'll get used to it. I only take mine off in the shower and when I do dishes.

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  • JoShan- when hes reading? Thats weird. haha
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  • Lol he reads at night before he goes to bed, but on this day he was reading in the living room while I was sleeping in the bedroom.

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