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What kind of bridal shower games & 'door prizes'

are fun?!?!?!

A week from tomorrow is a wedding shower for the wedding I'm MOH in...I've been designated the game girl! I was thinking bingo...but then I was thinking one more game!

Also, what would you recommend or use as a 'favor' or 'prize' at the shower?? I'm not into buy the little nick nacky stuff that is normally at a shower because half the time the items aren't used! 

Re: What kind of bridal shower games & 'door prizes'

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    At my sisters bridal shower we did the bridal bingo and then there was also a how well do you know the bride/groom game and there's always the classic toilet paper wedding dress. I did get the little knick-knacky things for her shower, but what about a bottle of wine, or chocolates, or something of that nature? Most people like food. :)
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    The two games I've found that I like so far are:
    1. Which famous couple am I? Each person gets a famous couples names taped to their backs. The everyone goes around the room and asks questions trying to figure out who they are.
    2. Match the fictional wife and her husband. Make a list of women from tv, movies, and books. Then each person must try and name that characters husband/boyfriend. Have a time limit and the person with the most correct answers when times up wins.

    As for prizes, what about gift cards for places like dunkin donuts? Or food, everyone likes food!

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    Toilet Paper Dresses - for sure -  as far as games go.

    As for prizes, $5 dollar gift cards to places like Starbucks are cool.

    or candles - honestly.

    Dish towels.
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    lingerie party? Everyone attending brings sleepwear for the bride for her wedding night.

    Clothespin games- Pick a buzz word so lets say "bride". everyone is given a clothes pin at the very beginning of the bridal shower, when someone says the buzz word and you notice you go and ask them for their clothes pin.  The one with the most wins.

    2 Truths and a Lie- Everyone introduces herself, and tells the group three things about herself; two are true, one is a lie. The audience then writes down or shouts out which one they think is a lie.

    Who Am I?-  Before the party, make a list of famous romantic couples These can be real: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or fictional: Fred and Wilma Flintstone,  or ancient: Antony and Cleopatra. Choose couples that your guests are likely to know. Write each name down separately on name tags and as each guest arrives, put a name tag (without showing them) on their back. Their task is to go around the party and ask yes or no questions about their "secret identity." For example, "am I a fictional character?" "Am I a man?" Then, they have to find their "better half". The game ends when everyone has found their partner, award a prize to the first couple to do so.

    How well does the bride know the groom?-  Before the shower, ask the groom questions about himself and carefully write down his answers. At the shower, ask the bride to predict what he said. If the answers match, she gets a prize. If the answers don't match, the first guest to call out the correct answer gets the prize. Sample questions include, What is his favorite color? Favorite band? Favorite thing to do on the weekend? Dream vacation? Where was their first date?

    The Wedding Night -  This one is particularly fun at a lingerie shower. As the bride unwraps her gifts, have a bridesmaid quietly write down everything she says, such as "oooh, this is pretty" and "where does this go?". At the end, have that bridesmaid announce, "this is what the bride will say on her wedding night" and read the list out loud!

    As far as door prizes I think gift cards are always good, a bottle of wine might be nice or even something like  2 movie tickets for the cinema.  Not really sure how much your willing to spend.
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    For my sister's shower we did a play on the famous couples game. You can look up hints from couples from movies and/or real life and have people write down who they think the couples are.

    It really got people thinking and they were chattering - especially if you can find older couples from the older generations - they loved it!
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    I think the toilet paper wedding dress is a hit for all ages.  Also a how well do you know the bride & groom is a good one.  The last one I went to there was a board with pictures of the bride at various ages and we had to guess her age in the picture.

    For the prizes I would say wine, chocolates, gift cards to Dunk's/Starbucks.

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    ooh!! those sound like fun!!!  I'll have to mention those tomorrow with my meeting with the MOB!!! =)

    As for how much I want to spend on the 'favors', I don't want to spend too too much...
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    I like the sound of the 'who am i game' that sounds fun :)
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    I did a game for a friend's shower that everyone seemed to like.  Make copies of wedding gown pictures from a bridal mag and print pictures of old actoresses.  Cut out the face and paste it to the dress picture. The guests have to guess which actoress it is.  Make enough copies for each table to have their own set of pictures. 
    I usually get a set of potholders and dish towels for shower game prizes.  You can find some great ones at a dollar store.
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