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oy karma

So on Monday I really wasn't feeling all that great, but enough. I decided to call out of work A.because I had been up all night with a stomach ache, and B.because I didn't have classes Monday night for the holiday, so it was actually another full day off. I really felt fine in the morning adn probably could've just gone to work. Now my karma is kicking in and I feel absolutely awful and dizzy vomit type sickness. Go figure I have a full night of classes ahead of me and can't really skip them. Oy. I'm praying 10:00 comes really soon.
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Re: oy karma

  • I got my own karma going on, too. I took the day off from work going to every place possible to get my name change done and finally got in the door at 5pm. After all that, here it is almost 6pm and I have a splitting headache. I'm not a happy camper at the moment and very bitchy due to the impending visit of my monthly 'friend'. I missed this one particualr class last week ('cause DH really wanted me to stay home) and now I'm too lazy and dizzy from the pain in my head to go again tonight. And yes, it is a late class that ends at 10pm, so I really DO NOT want to do ANYTHING :P
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