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Warning for the Tri-state area girls...

DO NOT under any circumstances hire DJ Kishin for your wedding.  I was at a wedding this weekend and a bunch of purses went missing.  DJ Kishin had brough one of his boys to help out with the dj-ing tasks and this guy (let's call him DJ Jackass) was a huge tool.  We were seated next to the DJ booth and first of all - there was a singing performance at one point in the reception and DJ Jackass was very loudly making fun of the guy.  To the point where all the surrounding tables could hear his comments.  Second, the hotel has it on tape that he was the one who stole the purses.  Here's an article from, however I'm not sure if the police has made an arrest or not. People are just so horrible!  The bride/groom and their families felt so terrible for the incident.  Hopefully everyone's valuables will be retrieved.  I don't know DJ Kishin's involvement in the incident, if any.  However, if he chooses to associate himself with scum like that, then I feel that he definitely cannot be trusted.   It takes a really horrible person to bring along someone to their job, to have them steal from guests at what should be a joyous event.

Re: Warning for the Tri-state area girls...

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