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Two weeks after my wedding! recap, advice, etc

Hi ladies!My wedding was on Sunday Nov 1st. Everything (or almost everything) turned out sooo well, even the weather. It was perfect, sunny mid 70s....I'm so grateful to God, my friends and family and this board that has helped me so much. Not being Indian, it was a challenge to organize my wedding in 2 1/5 months! The most important thing is not to get out of focus on the most important thing: Getting married to my husband. Since my wedding was on a Sunday morning, it was easier for me to find the vendors I wanted, otherwise I'd probbably have to go with wathever else. So here is my recap and advice for newbies:I paid for half of my wedding expenses so I wanted something rather small, and elegant. I splurged in the photographer, I love photography so for me this was essential. I didn't get the pictures yet and I'll post as soon as I get them. So they better be good.My wedding lehenga was also very important and I got it from a boutique in Cambridge, MA: Shelleey Chhrabbra. I highly recomend her. The venue: I didn't want a wedding in a hotel because it was only 75 guest and in the morning I wanted to have light. I didn't want a conference room feeling. On the other hand i didn't want to worry about rain. So I rented a place, a beautiful old house, with fountains, big windows etc. Again, I was only able to book it and afford it b.c it was Sunday morning.What I would do differently: I ended up paying $150 for a make up artist to come to the place and do my make up, however I didn't do a try out first and I was already in a tight budget. Conclsuion: I could have done my own make up with similar results.I spent $200 for a lady to dress me on my south Indian sari at 7am on a Sunday. The lady brought another girl and both did also my hair. That was the draw back of Sunday mornig in regards to these vendors. I felt this process was on a rush b/c of the hour so I didn't enjoy much of the 'getting ready' process.Another thing: I didn't hire a videographer or had anyone film the wedding. I wasn't really into having a video of my wedding, however, looking back, it was such a beautiful ceremony and the speeches....I wish it was filmed. So whoever is reading this, get a least someone to record it on an I phone!The pimple: it had to happen.... LOL: one week before my wedding I had the BIGGEST ever pimple on my forehead!  and not at a place where I could cover it with a tikka. I had to laugh (or cry). My sister gave me a miracle gel with antibiotic who got rid of it completely exactly on my wedding day. This pimple was teh result of pure stress.....so take it easy.Little fiasco: here it goes "The Cake" my cake was very delicious and looked pretty (little small for what I paid) anyways, the caterer was in charge of having the cake cut and served... and TA DA... they didn't bring the cake knife set!! when it was time for me to cut the cake there was no knife. The caterer dissapeared and went to buy it at Walmart or who knows where, so when he showed up,  it was almost time for us to leave. The lady who cut the cake seemed she was slaughtering the cake, I didn't see it thank God. I just heard it afterwards it was funnny and I was so happy, but hey dude....Make sure you get that part covered and bring your on cake cutter set, there's one in every house.Jewelry tip: if you find a set you really like, get it. I found a beautiful one in Boston and didn't buty it thinking I will find tons and tons in Houston. I even went to a Bridal show in Houston and nothing I really like, they had the realy jewelry in the $10,000 + range or the super cheap  $5 ones that falls apart. I was really hard to find one, I finally did and spent $150 approx in each when I finally found finer ones. Bauty: Facial: Get one at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding. I didn't get o ne, when I was ind Houston for the wedding ite was already too late you don't want to rinsk reacting to it. Hair: do not get a new haircut or get trimming too close to the wedding day. I got my hair it trimmed 2 weeks prior and I thought it was too short, but no biggie.What I loved the most: some frieds and my sister who are not Indian wore sarees, they looked georgeous. It meant so much to me. Also having my mom and brother from overseas, and  the first dance ( It was spontaneous b/c we were not going to have it...)The music: I got some Anoushka Shankar sittar and some from her album "brathing under water" I had the DJ play some of those along with our regular selection of latin and American music.A Shakar Sittar was played before the ceremony, and the S. Indian Nadaswaram during the ceremony. BTW: I didn't like my Ceremony saree at the beginning however, once I had it on my wedding day, I loved it. At the end of the day, it is what it represents. So no I love it...Until you live it, you don't know how happy you will be on your wedding day. Enjoy!
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Re: Two weeks after my wedding! recap, advice, etc

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