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Hi everyone, i am recently engaged, and currently living in London (job sent me here) but planning a wedding for Houston, so yes pretty hectic road ahead.  I am wondering if any of you have good ideas how to incorporate some Indian culture into my wedding/reception (my mom is black and dad is Indian) so far i am thinking a sari for reception, of course a roce the evening before, but any ideas on aesthetics or music or anything is greatly appreciated.

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    Congrats and welcome! 

    You could incorporate a henna or paisley design throughout your paper products (invitations, menus, programs, etc.).    If you go back a bunch of posts, there was a thread a while ago about music.  I had posted my wedding set list, as did some of the other girls.  You can incorporate some indian food.  You could have a mandap/altar for the ceremony.   You could use sari fabric as table runners/overlays.   Indian inspired favors (there have been a few posts recently about this).
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    Have you checked out some of the indian favors that are available?

    This one site has some decent selections

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