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Where are my Knot girls?

Hina? Nicky? Bhanu?

Where are you? :) Just wanted to see how everything is going for you.


Re: Where are my Knot girls?

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    It's been pretty quiet around here. I think it's a combination of summer and busy with wedding prep. I think Nicky's wedding is this weekend and Bhanu isn't too far off behind her!
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    Everything is hectic right now, between work, school coming close to an end, and me getting sick recently is all snowballing.  I will be back soon more regularly in a couple more days. 

    Nicky's wedding is this weekend, and Bhanu is coming up right after that I think, so I am guessing both ladies are super busy with last minute details. 

    Talk to you guys soon...
    Miss you all.

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    Hi girls,

    Sorry been running around doing last minute things, its been absolutely nuts! Guests are arriving starting today so I am going to run out and do some more chores today,talk to you girls soon!!!

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    Hey here (new screen name)

    I was looking around is no SA board :(
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