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How did you guys pick Furniture for the house? FI roommate is currently living in his house and decided to buy a condo. He should be moved out by the end of March and then I'll move in after the wedding. The roommate will take his couches and tables with him. Obviously this means we can get new stuff.. whoo hoo! I'm just at a loss on how to buy this stuff. Thanks for the help.

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    Furniture was super hard for us, but we decided to take it very slowly and one space at a time. Once we had a style in mind things got easier, and narrowed our selection down so we were not looking so broad.

    We defined each space and thought about what we would want to do there most. So like for example dowstairs we have a large open area that we would consider our hangout, for that we got 2 sets of sectional sofas and 2 ottomans, good for entertaining up to 15.

    The hardest part was shopping, because once you get into the stores and see the layouts, I was finding myself forgetting about my own set up. The cure for this was bringing a swatch of the room color, and keeping measurements of the areas handy. Keep in mind your overall goal and color palette.

    Since you are getting new stuff, consider painting and changing things up as you have an empty layout and can really make changes easy now!

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    I think Abhi covers it.  Know the style you want, the layeout of your room where the furniture is going to be.  Remember, the stores have their own set up and designed it so the furniture looks great, but it might not work with your space.  So you have to remember that. Buy furniture that suits you, that is comfortable and makes you want to spend majority of your time there because you love it so much. 
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    Abhi and Hina pretty much summed it up. You could also take a look through magazines and catalogs to see what you like and don't like so that once you get to the store you're not overwhelmed.

    And remember to not feel rushed into buying anything. You're going to have the furniture for a long time, so you're going to want to make sure you like for years to come!
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    I agree its def the style you want and the feel you want for the room. 

    The hubz and I started with a colour scheme and the focul point of the room. 

    So in our bedroom, the focul point is our tall grey headboard with our grey and beige damask wallpaper...and b/c of that wall is so overpower we stuck to simple furniture :)

    For our den, hubby wanted to paint the walls a mint we then went with espresso brown furniture with mirrors (we wanted a bold look with the illusion of depth in our small den)

    Like pp ...take your time and enjoy it!  We still haven't found a coffee table we like and our walls are completely bare!
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    We started replacing furniture 4 months after I moved in.... we haven't gotten very far. New bed, new sofa and chair. Next on our agenda.... dining set. I hate shopping.... for anything! FI likes to look at EVERYTHING possible before we discuss a purchase.

    I think everyone pretty much explained it well.
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    I'm feeling guilty... DH asked me to buy furniture over a year ago.  I'm not that detail-oriented and I don't have a lot of interest in things like that, so I've done NOTHING about it.
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