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To the ladies getting married soon or already married........

I was just wondering about the ladies getting married who are either a month away or about 4-6 months away, What is left on your to do list at this point?  Was there anything you wanted to do before, but are probably not going to do because of time constraints?  Do you wish you did somethings sooner or somethings later?  If so, what are those?

Re: To the ladies getting married soon or already married........

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    With a little more than a month left.
    So the things that are left..table card pictures (we are doing pictures on each table with a # on top of it) and escort cards (these have guests name on them) and programs, my sis wants to do all these, she has the materials and will be working on these, rest of the things that are left are getting my last reception and wedding dress fitting done...just incase things changed over the last couple months, rest is buying a bit of decor for the house, we have mehndi pillows and other things but I wanted to get some lights and stuff. Hmm, also I got the BM's gifts but have to get gift bags for them, my wedding band and his should be done within 2wks to spare. Rest is talking to my sisters sis in laws, about more details since they are doing my ceremony decor, we have the flowers and main centerpieces picked out but need to talk to them about DIY bouquets for the BM's . Also need to put together the tables for reception (who sits where), will be working on that this week.
    Other couple to do things are-getting our pre-wedding video shoot dialouges ready and also practice our first dance second and last time..yikes
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    Pretty much the same as Nicky

    I do have a big one left...BM saris

    Some other things that I'll be doing in the next few weeks

    - Packing (mainly clothes as I'll be at my In laws place for a bit)
    - I need sangeet accessories (and I think another sari b/c of the way my sangeet is happening and I may not be allowed to wear a sari that I already own)
    - favours, seating chart, table seating arrangements, song list to dj etc etc :S

    haahah this list could get long and making me kind of nervous
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