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Make-up in NYC/NJ

I got married last year and found this board really helpful so I wanted to come back and offer some tips for NYC/NJ brides as wedding planning kicks in again for summer weddings.

I still look back at my photos and LOVE my make-up.  It wasn't too heavy and really made me look pretty in ways I didn't realize I could look. Unlike a lot of the typical Indian aunties my friends were hiring, my make-up artist didn't insist on typical Indian bride make-up that looks weird in person, but is good "for photos" (never trust anyone who says that).

So, if you are looking for a friendly make-up artist with over a decade of experience, try Sara Zoeterman (sara.zoeterman at gmail dot com). She's not too expensive either. You can email me for samples of my photos (sumatig at gmail dot com).
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