PSA: Trophy cupcakes on Groupon

Hello ladies. I'm back to share yet another great deal for cupcakes. $15 for a dozen cupcakes at Trophy. This deal is on the entire weekend, so yay!


Re: PSA: Trophy cupcakes on Groupon

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    I saw that this morning when I checked my email, yummy!!! I was going to post it on here too :)

    We all need a dozen cupcakes right?! :) Well I do! teehee
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    I was so excited about this!!

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    im buying it for my birthday celebration next month. woohoo
  • marksmartinimarksmartini member
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    Did anyone else try to use their coupon this weekend?  I bought one of these and went to the Wallingford store on Saturday afternoon and they were completely sold out of all flavors!  It wasn't even 3PM and FI and I were thinking of taking ours to my family dinner that night.  I was really disappointed!  Just wondered if anyone else had the same experience?
  • dreamwindsdreamwinds member
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    There was articles in the paper about it. Apparently most of the 8000 people who bought coupons felt they had to redeem it immediately and even though Trophy baked 5x more cupcakes than they usually do to try and anticipate demand, they sold out.

    The coupon doesn't expire for a year. Take your time. :)
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