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Raangoli - tell us about your CR trip!

Hey Girl

I want some deets!

Where did you stay?
What did you do (Volcanos? Rainforests? Other activities)?
How was the weather?
How are the people?
Is there a decent evening / night life?

I'm intrigued!

Tell me :D

Re: Raangoli - tell us about your CR trip!

  • HinajHinaj member
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    Pics as well!! 
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    yes!!! I didn't even know you left!
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    Hahah yes, I am like that - I don't tell the interwebs when I am traveling ;)

    We went Feb 7th - 14th and stayed in one area, Arenal, which is one of the active volancos in Costa Rica.

    We stayed here: Arenal Nayara (<--click for link) and it was just as beautiful as the website. We split our stay between the Naraya Suite (holy moly it's HUGE!) and then a casita suite. The view was better from the casita suite, but both rooms were spacious and beautiful in their own right.

    The weather was beautiful - humid though! In the 80s I think. It was the "dry season" so it would rain, but more like passing showers in the morning or at night and not for very long. The rain forests were definitely cooler in temperature and that helped since we were hiking and walking a lot.

    We did two tours - had a third one to hike the volcano and hot springs that we had to skip because we were that sick. But we did take a tour to the local clinica and the farmacia to get some antibioticos ;)

    The first tour was a hike to the Rio Celeste which is a beautiful river and waterfall. We're not hikers but I consider myself to be in good shape bc of running and it still kicked my arse. But it was an experience and I am glad we had a chance to do it.

    The second was what I called the "old people tour" which was the hanging bridges of Arenal. It was a series of bridges and suspension bridges through a part of the rain forest that was nice to see.

    A tip I wish someone had told me before we went: If you have any sort of seasonal allergies to plants, pollen, etc...take your meds with you! Claritan or any sort of antihistamine is a must. I was dying on top of getting sick :(

    The people are super friendly and helpful. They will tell you about the local plants, the history of the area/country and pretty much answer any question you might have (Some people on our one tour asked some seriously dumb questions. It was embarassing, but they still answered them and didn't seem bothered by it like I was.)

    Since we were outside of the town, there was no night life at our hotel. The wine bar was nice, but it closes at 10 or 11, which was fine with us. We're "older" and just wanted to rest. Plus between being sick and after we came back from our tours we were exhausted. But I think there were bars and stuff in town, La Fortuna, that might have been open later.

    I think one of my favorite aspects of any trip is food and Costa Rica didn't disappoint. I had my fill of yuca, plantains, papaya, and passion fruit. So so good!

    I have pictures at home that I am going to post to FB this weekend, so I will share some with you ladies, too.

    It was a great trip, a beautiful country and I would go back. Probably to a different part, but I'd go back. I'd recommend it as a trip for sure!
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    Thank you!  The hubz and I are considering going to CR :)
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    You're welcome! It was great, I wish we got to do more, but it was still a great trip.

    Be aware that getting from place to place in Costa Rica takes time. The roads are single lane in each direction and so it takes a while to get from place to place.
  • HinajHinaj member
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    Sounds great!!
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    Thanks for sharing.
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