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Taking photos pre-wedding

I thought maybe we would take some time in the morning before the wedding (and after other pujas) to take some photos together. BF says he is not sure he is comfortable with the idea a) because of tradition b) because he thought he'd see me for the first time at the wedding itself c) because where he lives no one has done that at any wedding he's been to. I really wanted to do those pictures before the wedding because we'd have time alone, my make up and hair wouldn't be a mess, and I would be calm without the hectic process to take pictures alone together. Plus, I considered it to be probably the only time we could have alone at all during the day and I'm sure there are some things I'd like to say to him or he'd like to say to me or at least, we'd just like to have that moment together before everything starts. He's not keen on the idea. I don't know many people who do this because of the whole issue of seeing eachother before the wedding when you're not meant to.

Tons of people take perfectly good photos after the wedding that don't look like crap and they're fine.

What are you guys doing? Maybe following tradition is best. I can keep my make up and hair person around for touch ups.

Re: Taking photos pre-wedding

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    We're going to take pictures before the ceremony so that we're not so rushed after the ceremony.  We're going to have a 1 1/2 hour cocktail hour so that the guests are entertained while we take a few pictures and change for the reception.  Because I'm afraid that the 1 1/2 hour is not enough time to do all of that, I'd like to take pictures of the two of us and with the family before the ceremony so that after the ceremony we can take a few of us together real quick and then start getting ready for the reception.  Plus, our families will probably want to change for the reception too so it gives them some extra time to get ready as well.  I know a lot of people that have also done this.  It would be nice to first see eachother at the actual ceremony but the photographer will still be able to capture our reactions the first time we see eachother all dressed up for the wedding.  Hope this helps!
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    I have the picture of the first time seeing him as the doors open to the church and I walk down the aisle. I've known a lot of oeople to take it before the wedding. Both of us agreed on this so We will be waiting.
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    We took pictures prior to and I was happy for that since we got pictures in both our ceremony attire which was tradtional and then we changed between the ceremony and reception and had formal pictures in our reception attire which was Western.

    It was so exciting and wonderful to be able to see my husband prior to the ceremony and share a few quiet moments together just taking each other in (with the photog snapping pictures away, hah.)

    I don't feel that it took away from the excitement and emotion from walking down the aisle when it was time to enter the ceremony. I was still so emotional because it was finally happening and I couldn't see how he was reacting since he was behind the antarpat.

    As for hair and makeup - my makeup still looked flawless after the ceremony since the priest knew not to "mess" things up with the kumkum on the forehead. My hair was awesome too, my stylist is amazing and it was perfect even after the ceremony. We made it into a different look by switching it from a down the middle part to a side part.  (I still had my makeup redone for the evening anyway.)
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    If your FI really want to hold to the tradition of seeing you first time, then just make sure you get some post wedding pictures together.  It just depends on what you guys can agree upon.  I am totally in the middle, because I want the pre wedding pictures, but I want the first look to be at the ceremony.  I want the latter more, so I think I might end up going that way. 
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    i am sooo taking my pictures before the ceremony, i do agree that its the only time you and your fiance will really have togehter ... family anf family will be all over you guys as the newly weds and eveyrone will want pictures with the bride and groom .... so your cocktail hour will finsih in a snap. I will take pictures before my ceremony and then change hair and makeup during the cocktail hour to look great again for my reception and to have great sunset picture with my finance during our reception and look fresh for the first dance and cake cutting.
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    I really want to take those photos before. We have yet to figure out a time line of the day (aka when the cocktail hour will be, etC).

    In London, where he's from, after you put the garlands on eachother there is a short break. He thought we could do the photos then - take off the garlands while our guests eat (you're meant to feed the guests as traditionally, they must have come a long way to attend your wedding. In the UK, the tradition still sticks of feeding them snacks and goodies before the ceremony really starts). He thought that would be a big compromise. I am unsure if they do that here.

    I do not want him to do anything he really doesn't want to do, so I guess we will have to figure it out. Millions of other couples have their photos taken after the wedding and theirs are just as beautiful. So maybe it isn't worth it for me to keep pressing the issue - it caused a big argument.

    We'll see what feedback we get from our families and what friends have done.
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