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Back from Delhi & Bollywood Music Videos -- Where to Purchase?

Hi all -- been away for a while.  Was just in New Delhi -- utterly exhausted from wedding shopping 10hrs/day every day.  My relatives in India were SO impressed with my shopping ability.  LOL.  I was the most type A and motivated person they had seen in years, I'm sure.  PM me if you need recs for New Delhi shopping options... I went through a lot of pain to find the quality (though not necessarily budget) stores and shopping areas.  I started finding the good stuff half way into my trip.  But I digress...

I have an idea to play some 90's-2000's bollywood music videos at my Mehndi/Sangeet party (not sure what to call this particular event since I am only having two nights of big events--but that could warrant a whole new post).  I think it would be super fun for those familiar with the songs and non-Indians, as the videos are visually intriguing and the songs are catchy.  Hopefully will set the mood.

My problem:  where can I buy good DVDs with only music videos?  Better yet-- any way I can compile hand-picked music videos on to one DVD?  Anywhere I can download music videos to place on a DVD? My fiance is a software engineer so he could MAYBE help me accomplish the tech side of things if I can find the DVDs for him.  Any help would be HUGE.  I'm stumped. 

Re: Back from Delhi & Bollywood Music Videos -- Where to Purchase?

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    Do you have a large-ish Indian music store in your area?  We have a ton of just songs DVDs.  I bought some in Artesia from the music shop that is now out of business.  DH bought some in the Little India of Atlanta (I think it's Decatur?).  We have more older stuff, but you can definitely get 90's and later songs.  If you have the DVD's making a compilation should be possible.

    Do you know which songs you want?

    This is the only site I found where you can successfully download videos.  But they're not good quality, the sound is bad and the picture is fuzzy:
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    I would suggest Artesia, but it already has been suggested... also, look online here, they sell originals, and they have a whole category on song dvds...

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