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Ceremony in Carolinas

Just got engaged to my girlfriend of 2 years on Saturday! So excited and looking forward to spending my life with her. 

We live in South Carolina but are moving to North Carolina early in 2011. My family lives in Virginia and her family lives in South Carolina so we were thinking about a wedding on the beach in North Carolina. 

However, we're having a really hard time figuring out venues and how to approach these places regarding our wedding.

Anyone know of a lesbian friendly wedding planner or a lesbian friendly venue on the coast of North Carolina? Any direction would be very helpful! 

Thank you in advance! 

Re: Ceremony in Carolinas

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    Honestly, your best source for local information on North Carolina is the North Carolina local board.  What I'd recommend is asking them for recommendations of wedding planners and venues, then calling the recommended ones and ask about their willingness to work with a same-sex couple.  A lot of us here have followed that approach.  Even though there is a "gay weddings" board here, same-sex couples are welcome on all the other boards, too.  And most wedding vendors are happy to work with a same-sex couple--it is, after all, in their economic interest to do so.  However, if you call a vendor and they seem hostile, you don't have to use them.
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