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Prewedding silliness

Conversation in our house today:Me: So, are we doing some kind of toast to our guests?NotFroofy: The boy does that. We don't have a boy.Me: Well, unless you are planning to acquire a boy before October 6, I think we need to do it.NotFroofy: What would I do with a boy? Well, let's see. The best man is supposed to thank the bridesmaids. But we don't have a best man or bridesmaids, so that isn't going to work. But it is the father who is supposed to thank everyone for coming.Me: Yeah, well, neither of our fathers will be there, so we need to act the part of my father.NotFroofy: What? We have to get pissed and fall down? ["Pissed"=British slang for drunk, not American slang for angry.]Ah, the complications of lesbian weddings!

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