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No clue where we're getting married

We live in Cincinnati where it's still not legal. I really want to have a ceremony and reception here so our supportive friends and family can come with no travel. FI thinks we should have a ceremony and reception in a legal state and whomever comes comes. We still have to come back to Cincinnati for now so it's still not reckognized. Any suggestions??/
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Re: No clue where we're getting married

  • IMO. You should do whatever is right for you two. My wife and I live in Arizona, where it isn't recognized. However, it was more important to us to have the marriage license from where it is recognized. We had a DW in Washington, DC. We had 9 guests besides ourselves. It was a perfect day for us! And for family who couldn't be there. We facetimed them!
  • We had a very small DW in Massachusetts, with a luncheon in the private dining room of a restaurant for all the attendees.  Three days later, we had a much larger reception back home with music, dancing, an open bar, and a DIY fauxtobooth.  We played a copy of the wedding video at the beginning of our reception, wore our wedding dresses, and used some of our ceremony decor.
  • Those are good ideas. We're looking at DW in Mass right now...
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  • My fiance and I are going to have a ceremony and reception here in VA, where its not recognized.  Then after our honeymoon, go to Washington D.C. and make it legal so I can change my name.  That way all our family can come to the ceremony in reception here at home and only a close few come with us to make it legal.
  • My FI and I are from Ohio too.  We are actually going to Boston in August and having a small ceremony in Boston so we can be legally married as well.  When we return, we're having a reception in September for all of our friends and family.  It seemed like it would be the best option for us.  I'm sure you'll figure out the best option for you both.  Just remember, it's your day and things will work out how they should.
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