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We want a lesbian non-Christian officiant. Offensive or understandable?

We are a heterosexual engaged couple who are looking for a lesbian non-Christian officiant. 

We just like the idea of going a non-traditional route and defying what we perceive as injustices in American society. We figured we could hit the gender, religious, and sexual-preference birds with one stone by hiring a lesbian non-Christian to marry us. 

Do you find this terribly offensive or understandable? Apparently I have stirred quite the pot on my local board by posting a topic about this, so I figured I'd go directly to the source. 

Thanks in advance. 

Re: We want a lesbian non-Christian officiant. Offensive or understandable?

  • Thank you beachdreamin12 for that inspirational website and helpful advice. I didn't even know about that phenomenon. What a perfect way to show my support. I like how Katie wore a simple white ribbon around her wrist and I will probably do the same.

     I've always been conflicted about being able to get married while so many are suffering the violation of their human rights. At least this way, I can show support and acknowlege to myself and others that I'm enjoying a basic right that others are deprived of. 

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    Yeah its a bit offensive. While your heart might be in the right place, having someone be your officant simply because she happens to be a lesbian is offensive. We want equality, not to be used as an object. If you happen to find an officiant that you like, and she happens to be a lesbian, hey more power to you!

    Personally, hiring anyone just because of their SO is discriminitory.
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  • We are being married by my FI's uncle bc we refuse to be married by a religious associated officiant as well. He's getting ordained online. This goes along with our extremely casual outdoor wedding though.
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  • I think you should ask any prospective officiate point blank if they support gay marriage equality.  If they don't, they're jerks!  Make your voice heard, loudly and unapologetically.  
  • The thought is understandable but the action is offensive. Maybe you can go with vendors who support equality. Try the white ribbon thing too. I'm going to check it out just for the info. You can donate to a LGBT org instead of favors. There are so  many options available to you.
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