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We're married! (LOTS of PIP!!)

The wife and I had our ceremony in our hometown on the 28th, and then we got legally married on our honeymoon in NYC on the 31st.  Everything went really, really well.  The only hitch came on the Monday before the wedding, when I got an email from the venue saying the air conditioner was broken and they weren't absolutely sure it would be fixed in time for the wedding.  (And we've had 100+ degree weather here.)  Everything had gone so well up to that point, and I did have a little meltdown on the phone with them because the room they wanted to move us to instead absolutely wouldn't work for anything we had planned.  But they got the air conditioning fixed enough that we could use the original venue without the guests totally melting.  The two of us got pretty sweaty with the heavy dresses and all the activity, but I think everyone else was fine.  In the end, we were absolutely thrilled with how everything went.  The decorations came out great, we did all the stuff we planned and everyone was enthusiastic and really enjoyed themselves.  Plus, between a couple of friends who are getting married next month and a few others (who stayed to help clean up without us asking them to), most of the decorations found new homes so we didn't have to come back from the honeymoon to a pile of stuff to sort and get rid of.

So here's some pics:

The room after we got done setting up the night before

The cake topper on our cupcake stand

The cupcakes

The tables.  The boxes had the placecards on them, and inside were little envelopes that had photo scavenger hunt clues in them, which everyone had a lot more enthusiasm about than we expected.  Then the boxes were also the containers to fill with candy at the candy buffet.

Tattoo-inspired escort cards

We printed a poster copy of a piece K did for an art show a while back to use as a guestbook, and the basket has white knot pins in it.

We did a make-your-own iced coffee and Italian soda bar as part of the "mocktail hour" before the ceremony.

The candy buffet

We've only gotten a couple pro pics back, but this the first sample we got.

My sister walked me down the aisle and K's dad walked her down.

You can't really tell here, but this is during the handfasting.

At the end of the ceremony, we officially changed our Facebook relationship status.

Rollerskating our first dance

We couldn't have alcohol in the venue, so we did our toast with our favorite energy drink.

The rainbow snacks and drinks at the afterparty

Our ceremony with the judge in Manhattan

Other than it being a lot hotter than we would have liked, we couldn't have asked for a better wedding experience!
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Re: We're married! (LOTS of PIP!!)

  • Congratulations! We're planning a similar thing, getting married in our home town and then going to either New York or Canada to make it legal. Looks like you ladies had blast! 
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  • Congrats.. Everything looks very nice :)
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: We're married! (LOTS of PIP!!)</a>:
    [QUOTE]Congratulations! We're planning a similar thing, getting married in our home town and then going to either New York or Canada to make it legal. Looks like you ladies had blast! 
    Posted by Melissa61788[/QUOTE]

    Getting married in New York was super easy.  We went straight from the airport to the city clerk in Manhattan and got our license.  It only took about 45 minutes to get through the whole process, including filling out the application.  We went back the next afternoon for the ceremony and the wait was even shorter.  I was surprised how quick and easy it was, given that we were in Manhattan and not a smaller, less busy office.
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  • I absolutely love how unique you made your wedding! Best wishes and congrats! I cannot skate to save my life. :
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  • Congrats on your wedding!!!!!!
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