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My best friend Ed and his fiance James are getting married in a month. My gift idea for Ed was the traditional "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." His family is not participating in the wedding (his choice) so I want to do something special for him. I have the new, borrowed, and blue picked out. It's the 'old' I'm stumped on. These are always things that are carried on one's person during the wedding, if I understand correctly, so I'm limited on how far I can carry this. And unless I come up with a better idea for the 'new' it will not actually be something he can use during the!!


PS: The 'new' will be a cake serving set with their names and the date engraved. The 'borrowed' is a coin I've had for about 25 years, which can also fill in as the traditional 'penny in the shoe'. The 'blue' will be a monogrammed handkerchief, also with their initials and the date. If someone has a better idea for the 'new' I'm all ears!!

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    First off my question is if you have asked the couple if they had plans to do this tradition originally. If they were, they may feel a little awkward about being given yours right before the wedding. They also may have a few ideas or a few of the things already (if they are wearing new suits/ shoes/ ect.) 

    That being said, here are some ideas. This all depends on what they will be wearing for the wedding initially but have you thought about a pair of vintage cufflinks? How about a vintage bout pin? 

    For new why don't you look for a belt? Depending on the couple and theme how about a funky pair of socks? A tie? 
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