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Civil Union Shower Venues

My family and I plan to host a shower prior to the Civil Union of my cousin and her girlfriend, however we can't find the right approach to researching gay-friendly venues. 

We live in Chicago where there are certainly neighborhoods with places  that would be accomodating, but I think they're hoping for specific neighborhoods so there's easy access for friends and family, and I know they'd feel much more comfortable in an "inviting" environment so we don't want to pick places that wouldnt support such an event.

If anyone has suggestions of specific places to check out or websites that would be helpful it would be appreciated.


Re: Civil Union Shower Venues

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    Try they have a lot of vendors on this website....
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    Keep in mind that just because a place doesn't advertise itself as gay friendly or isn't listed on a gay wedding search site doesn't mean they aren't.  Especially in a bigger city like Chicago.  What kind of venue are you looking for?  Have you already run into problems trying to reserve a venue, or are you just trying to research?
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