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Re: Not cool- Jersey Girls...avoid this place!

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    I have to say, we went to a bridal salon that had clearly never run into a same-sex couple before.  We got the memorable "Gee, two such good friends are getting married on the same day?" question.  However, when she figured it out, she also realized that she had the opportunity to sell not one but two wedding dresses, and she was all smiles.  LOL
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    Yeah we have been super lucky, but we live in MA and are getting married in NY. We have found that vendors are going out of thier way to get our "pink dollars" It is just sad that such hate still exists...and I am sure this is nothing compared to stuff that happens in the south/midwest that doesn't get reported on.
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    What a bigot, I'm sad this happened in my state. I wish I could contact this bride and give her the number of the bridal shop I went to in North Jersey. They were beyond amazing. My wife and I ever went dress shopping at the same time, but didn't want to see each other's dresses until the wedding so they coordinated us around the shop to make sure we didn't get glimpses of each other trying on dresses and were nothing but sweet to us both. In fact I need to send them pictures as they specifically asked me to send some when I picked up my dress. I loved them. She needs to put her "pink dollars" towards a business like the one I went to!

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    I can not believe this happened. I am upset and appalled someone would do this and still have a business. Why can people know that money spend the same no matter if it is rainbow or green...
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    Some people still eh?  It's 2011 - get with it!  I just had a florist not take my business because it's a same sex wedding.  She emailed four days after our meeting and said that "Oops, she didn't realize she already had a wedding booked that day", didn't realize that a florist couldn't do more than one wedding in a weekend.  Stupid people.

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