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What are you calling your...

Bridesmaids and groomsmen?  I think it might be silly to have groomsmen but we do have guys in our wedding party and our wedding party is guys and girls on each side.  So far I have Maid of Honor and Man of Honor.  I thought about maybe calling them Honor attendants for both guys and girls but i don't know.  My FI is very much a boi and isn't necessarly being considered a "bride" but neither is being consdered a "groom."  I am at a lost for labels for each attendant.  HELP! TIA

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    We both selected our closest friend to be our _________. My soon to be hubby and I mulled over a seemingly countless number of options, considering that we each picked our best friends, two women.We finally went with Best Woman as their titles, it's something that worked for all four of us.
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