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"Day of" coordinator?

Are any of you hiring a coordinator for your day-of?  I feel like it would be a good idea, because I don't want to get all bogged down in that stuff on our big day and I think there's really only so much we can expect of our friends, right? 
I started getting quotes though, and it is freakin' INSANE!  Seriously, $2500 for one day?  I mean, for that much, I kind of expect that she's going to carry me around on her back all day.

How much should I expect to pay for this?
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Re: "Day of" coordinator?

  • zitiqueenzitiqueen member
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    I know Northern California is a high COL area but that's ridiculous!

    Maybe post on your local board and see if anybody there has any ideas?

  • llucas45llucas45 member
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    we are asking our friends but dividing it up.  One friend will be responsible for taking care of paying for the reception. another is setting up the reception area and then my best friend and her husband are helping with the cememony.  They are all more than willing to have a "part" in our big day.
  • Fabi&NitaFabi&Nita member
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    Most venues have a day of coordinator. I don't know if you have looked into a venue but maybe you can see if the ones you like offer a day of coordinator. We got really lucky that with our venue we get one :) at no extra charge.
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  • jessporrasjessporras member
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    We are having a friend who is a former event planner do it.  You'll definitely want someone to coordinate the day of, so you can just enjoy your day!  :)
  • wtb875wtb875 member
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    Our venue is our backyard with a white tent and caterer.  We've asked someone we know to take charge of things at our house while we are married at the church.  We have yet to discuss a price with her, but we hope she will be happy with what we have to offer.  Small budget....
  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    We didn't want a DOC at our wedding, so we never even bothered pricing one.
  • alisonzalisonz member
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    there is a huge spectrum of pricing for DOCs. We hired one for $800 and it was worth every penny. It really depends what kind of wedding you're having, but you certainly don't want to be worrying about late vendors and dealing with tips and payments, etc. when you should be celebrating.

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  • SSaltzman87SSaltzman87 member
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    They really range in price. It also depends on what exactly you're asking them to do. I'd ask your local board for cheaper options too :-) GL!
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  • KalithiaKalithia member
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    I'm having my wedding in the back yard of an Inn and I asked a friend to make sure things run smoothly.  Neither of us know whats going on but I'm learning and once I have everything figured out I will create a list of things to or not do.  Stull trying to figure it all out because my budget is over the limit and I know I need one.
  • I just used an AMAZING Day of Coordinator for my gay wedding in NYC for only $800 and that girl was worth EVERY PENNY. I can't imagine it would be much more for a DOC in CA?

    I mean, she literally dealt with all my crazy family members and all my unreliable vendors and made my day flawless and just as I envisioned it. Even herded the guests from the ceremony to the reception over a mile away (backwards and in heels). I felt like she was my maid of honor, but twice as reliable.

    Come to NYC, get married here! Her email is [email protected] and she's with Celebration Coordination (


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