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What's the best wedding gift you received?

Hi everyone,

I am invited to the wedding of two female friends, both of whom I adore, but don't know super well (we met through mutual friends but live in different states, so most of our interactions are online).  I want to get them something really nice, and while I know it doesn't have to be anything specific to their being gay, I also want to acknowledge their joy (and triumph!) at fiinally being able to get married. Am I making sense? I'm not saying "Hey, what's a great lesbian wedding present?!" but if any of you got a gift that you found very meaningful to you, I would love to hear about it. One friend is giving them a copy of their wedding invitation framed in stained glass, another is giving them a custom painting... they are both very bright and creative, so I don't want to just get them a place setting. Know what I mean?

Thanks for any help!

Re: What's the best wedding gift you received?

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    Some of our favorite gifts involved people doing something for the wedding.  One friend made our guestbook.  Another ran a photo booth for us.  A third did the video of our ceremony. A fourth played a special song, traditional in his family for weddings. Others helped with set-up and clean-up at the reception.  These gifts were especially meaningful because they showed us that our friends were celebrating with us.
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    What about taking all the photos from the wedding and having them made into a wedding video with music. You could go so far as to have a disposable camera at every table that you have developed after the wedding. Or designate a few people that you know have digital cameras to take lots of pictures of everything.
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