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New here.. question

So my Fi and I are planning on a cruise wedding BUT we want to do it off shore and the first stop isnt until 3 nights later and since this will also serve as our honey moon,
we were thinking of having a civil ceremony before we leave and making it "official" here and then at the cruise having a "symbolic" ceremony
BUT I am not sure how this would fly wtih the parentals considering we want to be able to stay together through out the whole length of the cruise...

anyone see this as weird and or wrong???
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Re: New here.. question

  • erolliserollis member
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    I am not 100% on this but I think it would be easier to get married in the US then someplace else.

    The situation you describe seems odd to me but that is just me.

    Also, if you must get married on land and it must be while you are on a cruise, you may want to look into a cruise that has a port of call the 1st day (instead of the 3rd). That way you only have one night you are bunking with your parents or someone else. Then after you are married you can be with him the rest of the time.
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  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    Once you are married, you could do a vow renewal, but you can't really say your vows as you would if you were not yet married.  I guess it all comes down to whether or not you want your ceremony to take place in front of the family and friends who will be with you on the cruise.  I think it would be kind of strange to have the wedding here first and then do a vow renewal a few days later.

    How long is the cruise?  Why can't you stay separately for the first few days?  Is it possible to do the wedding on a beach where your cruise leaves from?  Then everyone could be there and the cruise would be like a week long reception (or however long your cruise will be).
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    The symbolic ceremony would be considered a vow renewal.  You only get one marriage ceremony, but you can have an infinite number of vow renewals. 

    Honestly, I do see it as a little weird.  There are lots of girls that talk about having a civil ceremony and then having the 'big shebang wedding' afterward.  But they'd be having a vow renewal, since they're already legally married.  Why have a vow renewal so soon after your civil ceremony? 

    Why can't you see one another on the cruise before the wedding?  I'll be seeing my FI in the days leading up to our wedding.  Even if you aren't staying together at night, it'd only be for 2 nights. 
  • TimsGirl10TimsGirl10 member
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    My girlfriend was going to do a cruise wedding- and she was required to get "married" on shore here in the US first, then they were going to have a "ceremony" at sea.  I don't see anything wrong with it, though I don't know if it would make your first night together a little, I don't know- less romantic, for lack of a better term.  Maybe I just have this romantic idea of FI helping me out of my wedding dress on our wedding, night and our first time just being special.  I am sure it will still be equally special- maybe I just have a weird madeup vision in my head of what it should be like! LOL
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  • ever_afterever_after member
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    Well I am not looking at it as a vow renewal and its not that I want to have it so soon after the civil ceremony, but I do want to give my parents and his the dream of watching us have an actual "spiritual wedding" for lack of a better term. I know God will honor a simple civil ceremony as much as a church or formal ceremony.

    The cruise is multi purpose and serving as the honey moon also so we wanted to take advantage of as much time together as possible.

    @ TimsGirl, I totally understand what you mean. If we do it this way we will already be "married" while on board and have a "ceremony" off shore in the first location the cruise stops at.
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    I can understand wanting to have family with you when you get married. Can you rework your plan to just get married simply in the US, maybe have a small cake reception and then go on the cruise?  That way you're not on your honeymoon with everyone else. I think that would take away from the honeymoon experience.
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