My own personal Monday rant & rave...

Rave first.  FI just opened the front door (which we never use because there is no street on that side of the house, just sidewalk) to shake dirt off his softball cleats & found TWO packages there!  Both of them were wedding presents!  Eeek!

Rant:  There have not been any RSVPs in my mailbox since LAST WEDNESDAY!!!  Come on people!!!  One of FI's friends asked me over the weekend if he needed to mail that back, or if he could just shoot us an email.  I was like, dude, I put a stamp on that.  Mail it back!
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Re: My own personal Monday rant & rave...

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    Haha what do you expect from men? At least you are getting your gifts...which means people are thinking about you!!!
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    omg, you better start checking that side of the street more often! maybe you should leave a note to not leave stuff on that side...

    and rsvps. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH, why do people not send them back? Our due date is Thursday and I have a feeling we will still have NO idea how many people are coming!!!
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