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How to take the stress lines off the bride and wedding party

My friend got married last week and was about to get a chemical peel with her facial to freshen up her skin before the wedding.   Luckily she called me first since I have experienced just about every spa treatment known to man.  

 I know from experience that a peel can be painful and carries the possibility of damaging certain skin types for long amounts of time.  It caused my face to go from a light tan to burning lobster for a week and took forever for my skin to recover.    

Rather than risk that possibility I told her to try the galvanic spa kit from nuskin.  It painlessly takes away 10-20 years off of one's face in 10 minutes and as an added perk does wonders for cellulite and the flabby thing that happens to women's biceps.   

Totally easy and extremely gentle. It works by resetting your genes back to a youthful stage, thus firming up the skin and reducing fine lines, wrinkles, smile lines, and dark under eye circles.  It worked miracles my friend and shes only 29. 

If you have any questions or want to see photos feel free to message me [email protected]   or check out the galvanic spa package at www.noneedtoage.com

I wish you all the best of beauty, life and love.   
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