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Let's Talk Cake

AshNoel - you had your cake tasting tonight, right?  How was it?

What types of cakes are you all thinking about for your wedding (or what did you have, if married)?  We had a 3-tier cake:

Chocolate with cherry filling
Lemon with raspberry filling
White (light almond flavor) with chocolate buttercream filling

Here is our cake:

I also surprised DH with a "groom's cake".  While cake shopping we found a bakery that made a lot of different mousses and he wanted their chocolate cake with orange creamsicle mousse.  Their delivery charge was way too high so we got the cake elsewhere, but I got him a cake from there that was chocolate with orange creamsicle mousse.   He loves basketball so that was the theme.


Re: Let's Talk Cake

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    Hmm... I'm not ready to pick the cake and do the tastings yet, but if I had to choose today:

    bottom layer: white cake with strawberry and cream cheese mousse filling
    middle layer: chocolate / vanilla marble cake with chocolate ganache (sp?) filling
    top layer: butter-caramel cake with hazelnut, caramel mousse

    We're expecting probably 100 to 125 guests, so we may have to order 1 more sheet cake, and if we do that, we'll probably get that with the white cake and strawberry and cream cheese mousse filling, OR... maybe a white chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and strawberry filling.  

    Gosh, that makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  Nice topic, joesgirl! 
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    I had some cake tastings, but I can't even remember what we selected.  Maybe a modified princess cake?  It was pretty good and had fresh strawberries.  We'll be deciding the design a little later.  I'm thinking about fresh flowers.  Nice picture up there, btw!
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    We had a tasting and I tasted just one cake, vanilla rum cake with passionfruit buttercream filling. SOOOOOOOO good!!! This is the design we're planning on going with:

    We're probably adding some blue dots to go with our color scheme, and then we're going to have a soccer player groom and #1 fan bride cake topper. I'm hoping to have another tasting with a second baker, and then a second tasting with FI at the one I went to alone. I want to try something with raspberry or strawberry preserves filling...mmmm!
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    I'm a plain vanilla kind of girl.  I would like all of my tiers to be vanilla pound cake with vanilla buttercream icing.  Although I am really leaning towards doing a cupcake wedding cake, in which case I would have 3 flavors of cupcakes:  vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet.  It'll match my black, white, and red theme.  :D
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    I've got a meeting with my baker next Tuesday to finalize flavors and design, but here is what I'm planning.

    4 tiers, alternating hexagon and round shapes, with a hexagon on top.
    All vanilla almond infusion flavor, with alternating layers having raspberry compote filling and vanilla cream cheese filling.

    We'll have trios of beads like on this one on alternating layers, but in silver dragees.


    The other layers will have the simple flower pattern with beading piped on the seams between layers:

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    Our cake will look like this except the green ribbon will be tiffany blue and the green brooch will be plain rhinestone brooches and 4-tiers as opposed to 3.

    Top tier is carrot cake (my favorite), 2nd tier raspberry chocolate cake, 3rd tier, chocolate oreo and 4th tier will be vanilla with strawberry filling.

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    Hah!! Joe I love the bball!

    We had 2:

    We had a funfetti cake that we cut into and was on display that we used at the brunch the next morning.

    We served white chocolate raspberry cheesecake that night though.

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    Hello :)
    we are doing a small cake to cut with teirs of cupcakes from our favorite cupcake shop- Little Cakes with BIg Attitude. Still attempting to decide on flavors

    it will look similar to this.
    Wedding cake and Red Velvet are two must haves.

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    joesgurl- Thanks for thinking of me! I don't get on here as much as I'd like, so this is late. But yes, we had our first tasting Thursday. We tried white almond cake with raspberry filling and yellow cake with fudge filling. They were both delicious! However, we weren't super impressed with the customer service and the prices were more than what we wanted to spend. They are still in the running, but we are going to try some others. We were supposed to have one today but the baker had a family situation, so we are going to reschedule. By the way, your cake was beautiful! 

    rachelea- your design is awesome! We are leaning toward polka dots too. I like the modern looking cakes. 

    katanne- I love funfetti! I never thought about having it as wedding cake, but it is so good! Great idea! 
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    Here's ours!

    Ours was lemon poppyseed cake with buttercream. We served it with a blueberry  ice cream from a popular ice cream shoppe in town.  They use local blueberries.  Yum!

    Being from New England, I don't really care much about cake, but I'm a total snob when it comes to ice cream.  I want mine freshly made on the premises or not at all, thank you.
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    I don't have my design saved to my computer. But we're both chocoholics. Chocolate Cake with Chocolate mousse filling, with buttercream icing.
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