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For the ladies with only a few months to go....

Are you finding this is "crunch" time?

For us - we are still going through counseling with the pastor who will actually be marrying us.  I was at a really "calm" place and now I feel like things I hadn't even thought of are coming up!

My prayers have become very wedding related - lol!  God & I are having alot of conversations about RSVP's, shoes, and wedding hair!  Of course the FI seems oblivious to it all!

How is everyone coping with wedding stress?
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Re: For the ladies with only a few months to go....

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    25 days to go!

    There hasn't been a 'crunch' time for us yet, but I feel a little bit of pressue to get programs made.  That will be my project next week. 

    I've combated stress by doing everything myself.  That may seem a little odd, but if I don't do it myself, I don't know whether it will get done.
  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    Future Mrs. McD - I'm the same way! I'd rather just get it done myself.

    I am nearly done... need to do table seating, programs, escort cards, table name cards, sig drink cards, etc.

  • jsimmjsimm member
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    we have a little more than 2 months to go, and i'm feeling a bit of the crunch, as we are having a destination wedding, spanning the whole weekend.  FI and i are head to the cape this weekend and have lots of wedding things to do.  i am trying to get as much stuff done as i can before work starts back up in setpemeber, and we work on his house before the wedding.  thats when things are REALLY going to get crazy!  

    details are really taking over my mind, and like kiki i am having lots of conversations with God about the weather, and simply for peace and a calm to get me through this.  i pray that all of us can stay sane through this exciting, and crazy time! 
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  • belgirlbelgirl member
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    Wedding is 2 months away and my hairdresser told me I was the calmest bride she has ever met...which is why I HIGHLY recommend package deals and having your mother help you with the details. LOL...Of course everything has been going so smoothly that I just know Murphy's Law is going to kick

  • KikoLoveAndiKikoLoveAndi member
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    So far its been small moments of stress but i know its gonna get worse with just over 2 months left.
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