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7/26 - Knottie of the week - mohutch37

1.  Your Name & your Other Half's Name!

2.  Your Wedding Date

3.   Your Wedding Colors

4.  Your Age - His Age

5.  Honeymooning where?

6.  Does your wedding have a theme?

7.  How did he propose?

8.  What do you think has been your biggest courting challenge as a Christian couple and how have you all overcome it?

9.  Any advice for other couples?

10.  What's your fave wedding movie?

11.  Fave wedding TV show?

12.  How long between the proposal and the wedding?
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Re: 7/26 - Knottie of the week - mohutch37

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    1.  Names: Melissa & Sean
    2.  Wedding Date: 10.16.10
    3.  Wedding Colors Red, white, black, silver
    4.  Age: His Age 28, me a bit older.
    5.  Honeymooning? Italy (My idea but he is planning everything. So I just know we are flying into Florence. So excited!)
    6.  wedding have a theme? Not really. We do want to stress that this is a covenant before G_d and every guest should hold us accountable in our marriage. Oh and we REALLY like Ecc 4:12, so we bought an FCS' framed art piece that will be on display.
    7.  proposal? He told me he would take my dog out for an early walk so I could sleep later after celebrating my birthday the previous day. He sneaked out with my dog but told me to leave my phone ringer on (I silence it when I sleep.). He called about 20 min. later to say that he was lost. I knew something was different because he has walked my neighborhood for our ~2 years of courtship! The phone call lead me to his clues which lead me to a local greenbelt (that we visit often and had our first picnic at). He had my dog with him and he was all dressed up. He gave me a note to say how special I was to him. When I was finished reading it, he was down on one knee to pop the question. I said, "YES!" of course!
    8.  biggest courting challenge as a Christian couple and overcoming it? Definitely our purity. We have known each other for over 3 years and due to some big issues (where to live & saving money for wedding) we have had a lengthy courtship. We haven't overcome the challenge yet, but have definitly changed to more strict boundaries to not cause each other to fall before our marriage ("do not awaken desires", SOS 8:4). *A shameless plug for the "Every Man" series. If you haven't read any of it, I highly recommend it.
    9.  Advice? We are still learning about how to practice a biblical marriage but we did get very good advice from our pre-marital course. I would like to pass along one idea that stuck with us- "you must leave to cleave". If scripture says we are to leave our parents, we were taught that it is a good idea to not depend on parents (or any others that have that role) for emotional or monetary support (also leave physically, i.e. move out). This behavior will encourage you to lean on each other and make your bond stronger. *Side note: gifts are acceptable to receive, just w/o strings attached.
    10.  fave movie? Probably "Wedding Singer" but we really enjoyed, "I Love You Man".
    11.  Fave TV show? I hate to admit it but I was really entertained by "Bridezillas". I don't approve of their behavior and actually appalled that they get away with it, but still interesting to watch.
    12.  How long engagemnt? 20 tortous months!
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    Still laughing about your age answer -lol!

    Italy sounds AMAZING to me!  I'm excited for you!  I can't wait to hear about your honeymoon!

    I love the "leave to Cleave"phrase too - our pastor taught us that during our first premarital counseling session and I think it has been one of the most important things we learned!  I will have to check out the series "Every Man", I hadn't heard of it!

    I think alot of us enjoy watching Bridezillas -funny part is that as I get closer to my wedding date, I find myself sympathizing with some of them!  They get less crazy every day!

    How are you using all of your colors?  I had trouble picking 2 - wish I could coordinate  3 - lol!
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    Hey kkid,

    Thanks for your responses. Yeah they say women live longer, so I had to plan for the difference! haha. I am sorry for the confusion on the books. The one we looked at was "Every Man's Battle" and I think the others in the series came after that. They are targeted for different audiences, so there is a book for everyone! 
    With my colors, I am just picking items that fit in the color pallet I had in mind. So, I have a white dress, red roses and white gold jewlery. My MOH is going to wear a LBD, a red shawl and carry white roses. To give you an example of the decoration details, I was given black petal cones and they have white ribbon accents. I am not a fashion expert, so I tired to keep it pretty simple with the colors. Sean and I both had red in our school colors, so that is the main reason we are using it in the wedding. =D
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    My Sunday School teacher gave me "Every Woman's Marriage" when we got engaged.  I'm still working on Love & Respect, but that's the next one to read. :)  Your colors sound so pretty.  Just out of curiosity, how long did you two know each other before you started dating, and how long did you date before you got engaged? 
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    We used the Ecclesiastes scripture in our ceremony.  I really like it too.  Also, I'm almost 5 years older than DH so I can relate on the age difference thing.

    Just out of curiosity - why did you type G_d?
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    Thanks for telling us about yourself.

    I also like the "Leave to Cleave" phrase. Have to explain that to FI. He is quite independent except for when it comes to fixing stuff around the house or on his car. Instead of calling a repair person, he'd call his dad. Which is fine right not since we don't live together but I really would rather his dad not be in and out of our house fixing stuff after we are married. Every now and then perhaps but not all the time.

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    Thanks for the questions, Ladies! Okies, so we met in January of '07 but started dating in July of that year. We got engaged Feb '09 and will marry in October. It really took some time for him to respond to the Spirit's prompt to live like a Christian and not just think of it as a Sunday service when we first met.   
    I visited Israel for a mission trip last summer. I learned so much by this experience, and as a result forever changed by it. (We didn't go around asking people to convert- it was more prayer focused and being a blessing to the land (e.g. cleaning the hostel we stayed at). Anyhow, we learned that the Jewish people hold G_d and His name to be so holy, that out of respect for our Father they spell it with an underscore. In fact, they avoid saying the word and prefer to say heavenly Father. 
    My sweetie wasn't feeling called to go on the trip, but he was an amazing support & we look forward to being on mission together in the future!

    Thanks for sharing your stories, knotties. =)  
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