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Inspiration for the week!

Hey ladies!

Do you have an inspiration to share, something that will get you through the week, or something you were really excited to hear, read, or sing?

Here is my inspiration for the week... 
Twila Paris singing "Days of Elijah" plus a bunch of Bible Verses to keep me in the WORD! 
July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!

Re: Inspiration for the week!

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    Sadly I'm not feeling very need of it though. *sigh* My roommate situation got difficult again. She is almost 100% sure she'll be leaving. I had been hoping that I could stay in the house we live in since last I heard they were planning on renting it out. I was going to talk to some girls at Bible study about them moving in with me, so there'd be 3 of us and it would be under $300 for rent AND utilities for me! Then today...she told me they're selling the house. NOT renting it. And its in a matter of weeks and I still can't tell anyone. FI knows whats going on because he needs to know what is going on in my life and he says we'll figure it out, to not freak out and we'll find something. If its not one thing is first I needed a job and I had a place to live, JUST got the job figured out (I start Starbucks tomorrow) but now my living situation is up. Geez. Anyway, that's where I'm at so whatever inspiration is out there I need it!
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    Oh NO!!!  Is there any income-restricted housing in your area?  We have some in NC and I was surprised at how nice the communities are (you'll have to do a lot of looking to find a community that doesn't feel like the "projects" which are really for folks on welfare or unemployed).  I think you just need some sort of statement that shows your income projection for the year, or a previous year's tax statement that shows the appropriate number to qualify.  Not sure if this exists in FL or not.  :-/ 

    I'll keep your housing situation in my prayers.  

     I hope others will come share their inspirations ... come on, all you lurkers!! 

    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    I know that this is not ideal, but unless you and your FI are in an LDR, you could - in an emergency - sleep on his couch until you find something.  Do you have any relatives in the area?  I'll be praying!
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    Yes, I have already thought that in the WORST case scenario I'd stay at FI's. I know he'd rather me be safe there than homeless!!! That is last possible resort though, because even if I'm on the couch I still feel like it takes away from it being so special to finally move in to the house once we're married. I talked with my mom about the situation and she says that even if they do seel the house, it will take time to sell it. If it DOES sell right away, there is still the closing period. So I plan on asking if I could stay in the house until it is sold and all closing is done, because they'll have to be paying the mortgage anyway, on this house, the house her dad currently lives in, AND wherever they live when they move. So if I pay at least something to stay here, it will save them money since its less they'd have to pay. Our county has so many foreclosures and this house isn't really a supurb house anyway, I don't know if it will really sell well. So I may luck out and have it until the wedding...if not, FI promises I won't be homeless. That talk with my mom was encouraging :) And also for inspiration, I had my first day of training at Starbucks this morning and I am SO excited to work there!!! I'll be able to pick up half day subbing on the days I'm working later or super early, and then full day when I'm off from Starbucks. YAY!
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    WOOT for your first day of training at S-bucks!  

    I have another inspirational song to share -- I needed this song today.  I needed to be reminded that God's rightful place is to reign over my life... Making it not my life, but HIS.  That is so hard to remember sometimes when I really would rather the world revolve around me! 

    GOD YOU REIGN (Lincoln Brewster)

    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    OH! I thought of something that was inspirational for me today!!! I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy...gotta admit haha. Anyway, last Thursday FI and I were watching football instead of my shows (GO EAGLES!) and I just got to watch last week's episode this week online. With all of the world trying to take Jesus out of Christmas, I was so incredibly surprised and inspired when I heard all the traditional Christmas carols as the underlying music on the episode! I'm talking SILENT NIGHT, among others! And YES Jesus' name was most definitely said! Such an encouragement as so many of the songs that sing of the REAL reason have been taken out of Christmas shows and commercials! And for such a popular show as well!

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    I'm a little late on this, so busy! 

    Kelly- I love both of those songs!! 
    Rachel- I will pray for your housing situation- I know that you will figure it out! And let us know how your first day at Starbucks is once training is over! (PS GO STEELERS!!!- Haha, don't hate me!) 

    My inspiration this week is anything by Mercy Me- they are my favorite band and I went to their concert a month or so ago and it was awesome! Here are two for you to check out this week:

    You Reign- 

    And a Christmas song from Joseph's perspective. It brings me to tears sometimes (Joseph's Lullaby)

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    Aw I love Joseph's Lullaby! I sang that in the Christmas Eve service a few years ago.

    I had my third day of training at Starbucks today and I LOVE it! The first two days was mostly using the training books but today I actually got to get behind the counter! They originally wanted me doing some more training books, but they put me  behind the counter to start the day since I went to the opening shift (had to be there at I am still awake now after 8pm I'm not sure lol) and with the steady flow of customers I just stayed working the food case mostly and filling some cups with just coffee, no speciality drinks. But I DID make my first espresso beverage AND know how to make my two favorite drinks! I love love LOVE it so far!!! I know there's the "honeymoon" phase of things new, but I'm hoping I keep enjoying it. I told FI that it feels so GOOD to finally enjoy work since even when I was teaching last year I was so miserable at the end (long complicated story there, think "first year teaching difficulties" on top of MANY other complications and problems...yeah). Anyway, it was AWESOME and I love it...if any of you are ever in Stuart Florida...come by :)
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