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Ceramony?? (long) (posting also on month board)

I am confused on what kind of Christian ceremony to have. My mom recently became Baptist (other family members of hers are Baptist). My siblings and I are baptized/ identify with the Catholic Church. My father and his family are Lutheran. I was raised going to both Catholic and Lutheran services. I am also familiar with other religions. My experience with religion as a whole has been a positive one.

My FI is agnostic. He believes that there is / is a possibility of a higher power(s). His father is Atheist and mother is not religious (she is one who was soured on religion growing up). The rest of his family does not seem to be to religious. I don't ever hear them talking about church or prayer really.

So my problem is I do not know what kind of ceremony would be best for us. I have never been to a wedding that wasn't Catholic or Baptist. We both need to talk to pastors, priests and ministers to find out what we want. Plus we are getting married outside. I just need some input. Positive, Negative or Impartial works for me. Is there something I need to know that I don't already know?
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Re: Ceramony?? (long) (posting also on month board)

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    Just do what works for you.  

    I think the easiest thing would be to talk first with pastors/priests you already know (at churches where you/your family attend) and see how the ceremony of that denomination looks and how you agree or don't with their beliefs.  

    I have to say, I love a good Lutheran wedding, but I'm a little partial, having grown up with them, and just had my own. ;)

    Good luck--this seems like a good opportunity to open doors for your fiance! 
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    I would recommend talking to your officiant and seeing what your options are.  If you would to have some Christian elements, you can use scriptures and religious songs in your ceremony.  The most important thing I think is to have a ceremony that reflects your personalities.  

    DH and I did not have a specific type of ceremony (like Catholic or Baptist) but we worked with our officiant (an ordained Baptist minister) to find out what our options were for the vows and then we picked what was right for the two of us.

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    I agree with the PP.  It's not about what your families want, its about what you two want.  And according to my coordinator's speech for me tonight - lol!  It's about what the bride wants (smile)!
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    Thank you for the input ladies. This is going to be the hardest part of planning for us.
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    The outdoor wedding simplifies things a bit.  Catholic weddings MUST be held in a Catholic church.  Annoying, I know, but there it is.  So now you only have to decide between Baptist and Lutheran, or some non-denominational mix!  Hope that helps, and doesn't disappoint you.
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    I would go with a non-denominational Christian ceremony. I don't think you should turn your back on your beliefs because your future in laws don't have ny. You may be the person to bring your family members to Christ so since you have a Catholic/Lutheran?Baptist background, a non-denominational ceremony is not focused on one type of ritual. It is focused on blessing the future man and wife and the love of Jesus Christ.
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    Since you don't seem to be an active Catholic (so wouldn't have to have the sacramental marriage), I would vote against it'd be super awkward for all your non catholic guests.

    Take a look at the Baptist & Lutheran services and make your own mix...both of them allow quite a bit of flexibility to make the service 'yours.' Lutheran is a little more traditional, which may seem closer to the Catholic church you're used to. 
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    Protestant ceremonies tend to be less religoiusly formal than Catholic ones. however, if you identify as Catholic and your FI is okay with it, then by all means see if you can have a Catholic ceremony.

    but non-denominational isn't that tricky to do. Protestant denominations are all fairly similar, particularly in wedding ceremonies.
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