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Making it to Sunday...

Okay so the next couple of days are going to be nuts for me.  

Thursday: final dress rehearsal for my chorus students for a Friday school assembly (of sorts); performing a holiday concert (on my flute) for a retirement home that evening.

Friday: MS Chorus performs for selected electives assemblies (not really the whole school or the whole grade level but still a performance), attending to watch dress rehearsal of a show I'm playing this weekend (Fri. night)

Saturday: ALL=DAY= REHEARSALS and 2 shows for the Christmas Pageant, a local church performance, this is its 21st year and the final year of this particular production.  Arriving at 9am-ish, get home after 10pm.  Long day of flute, piccolo and pennywhistle performing. 

Sunday: Church AM, lunch, jetting over to the auditorium for the final Sunday show of the DCP,  getting home around 6 or 7pm

Monday, I'm going to get a Mani/Pedi (Mom's Christmas present to me!!) and I think she's going with me so we can go on a mini-overnight-vacation down to my townhouse by the Sound ... and to shop where prices are lower!!  Still, while I love my mom, she can stress me a little bit when we're shopping together, but I think she is prepared to 'relax' without running through the shopping mall!

Oh, and I saw FI today for the last time until probably next Thursday, when we travel to Clemson to visit with his Family for Christmas.  ERRRRG, that makes me a little grumpy... :-/ 

Anyway, I know that God is going to help me get through this but just thinking about it makes me a little stressed.  Trying to pray the stress away... while I still try to find a part-time job.  Have several applications pending but no progress just yet, and got a depressing email from the school system about next year's budget cuts and non-renewals of contracts for teachers.  I'm one of the last ones hired, and while I'm the only chorus teacher at the school and I'm already part-time, no one is really safe.  :-/ 
July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!

Re: Making it to Sunday...

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    Update: We have a snow day today!  It snowed sometime EARLY this morning and it's turned to rain now, but the slush on the roads is pretty treacherous.  I think tomorrow will be a normal day, but since my students didn't get their last "dress rehearsal," I get a little concerned... maybe we'll just cut out a song to make it easier for ourselves.  Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be a 2 hour delay?  We'll see!!! 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    GL with everything! I know how you feel being busy! Tomorrow is work and then my friend's graduation from grad school. Saturday is Christmas shopping allllll day, followed by pizza and bowling for my best friend's birthday at night. Sunday is church, laundry, grocery shopping, wrapping presents, then going to my parents' for the Steeler game/my birthday celebration. Tuesday is my birthday so fi is taking me out to eat and to this Celebration of Lights thing. I think everyone is busy around this time. I'll say a prayer for you and all of us! 
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    Good luck Kelly! P.S. I'm a choir teacher too :) so I feel your pain!
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