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Ask Me Anything Answers

Sorry it too me so long, girls! I've been swamped with teaching and wedding planning. So miss chatting!!

What do you have left to do?
Not too terribly much! Pick the music, buy the sand, and pay off the vendors!

Where will you be honeymooning? 
No clue! Max is planning the honeymoon as a surprise for me!

Have you enjoyed wedding planning? Are you ready for it to be over?
I have enjoyed planning but it is truly tiring! At this point, I'm SO ready for it to be over so I can just enjoy the wedding and honeymoon AND, married life!!

Do you have/want pets? If so, pictures? 
We have two kitties! They're sweet. We are getting a puppy (my first dog ever!) in January and I am SO excited, lol!

What about kids? 
We currently don't have any kiddos. Honestly, we don't feel ready for kids at this point in our life and have decided we'll start talking about it when one of us starts to really feel that "I WANT KIDS" push! 

Fave music?
I really like dance music and still listen to my CDs from the 90s in my car. Spice Girls in particular. Two other favorite bands: Queen and No Doubt. 

Please elaborate on where your fear of clowns comes from.
Ooh, what a story! When I was little we'd go and visit my grandma who lived in WV. Being from FL, I wasn't use to the big houses, mountains, etc. which I think made the following situation even scarier: so we'd go visit Grandma and she loved clowns. She had a TON of them and they "lived" on the mantle of the fire place. When I'd go over, she'd say "Faith, the clowns have been waiting for you!!" and make me play with them. She was intending to be scary but uhh.. it was, haha! It has evolved from there, I think... 

How's student teaching going?
It's great! I am really tired though. Like SO tired. It's been an awesome learning experience, however, but I must say- I'm ready to be done. (Only 6 more days of full time teaching left!)

What is the last book (that wasn't for school) you read?
A Deborah Harkness book that I can't even remember the name of (It's book 2 in the Discovery of Witches series!).

Thanks for playing along girls!

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