My undergarment saga continues

You may remember my previous posts, in search of the perfect undergarment solution. Well, after getting professionally measured for the longline bra and ordering it from my place where I got my dress (in Minnesota)--It arrived today. From the front, awesome...and then I turned around to see the horrible sight of a giant roll of back fat created in the back. ARGH!  I can't make my alterations appointment until I get my undergarment! I am going to call the shop tomorrow, tell them the problem and see what they recommend. I am really getting frustrated, and starting to wish I had bought my dress locally. I repeat, ARGH!

Re: My undergarment saga continues

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    my skinny friends even have a back roll with a long line bra...

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    Oh man, that stinks!  Will you be able to get your money back?  After all, they measured you for it so you would think they would know which bra model and size etc would not do such a thing.

    Sorry I have no suggestions for where to go/what to get, my dress has a corset top so no bra needed.
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    Anyway that the seemstress could sow something into the dress - thus not needing to buy something?  That might be a good option.
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    Maybe you don't need undergarments. Why don't you have them just sew cups into your dress? I brought three different options for undergarments to my alterations appointment and my seamstress nixed all of them - she said cups work the best. Long-line bras like that add a bunch of thinkness to you, and create that sausage effect = back fat. Good luck!

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    melissa82melissa82 member
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    Are your girls too big for cups? I don't recall your previous posts.

    Try different brands of longlines. I bought three different ones in the same size, and only one of them fit well and didn't cause back fat. Actually it was one that was intended as "plus size," but it worked really well for me because even though I'm not plus size (or even well endowed, lol), I'm curvy so the regular ones cut in at all the wrong places.
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