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QOTW - Are you a

DIY Bride?

IamJoesGurl had a good question for me this week that prompted this question.  She asked if I was a DIY'er for any of my wedding.

I am trying to DIY for my photo centerpieces so far.  They will be floating pictures of my FI and I from one of our engagement shoots.  I started about a month ago and just pushed it to the side - guess with 9 weeks left - I should pick them back up!

Anyone else trying to DIY for anything?
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Re: QOTW - Are you a

  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    We're DIYing a lot...pew decorations, some centerpieces, programs, invitations, escort cards, table numbers, and parts of the favors. 
  • erolliserollis member
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    Yes. Origami Cranes, Photo Centerpieces, StD, Invites, some gifts. Maybe more even. Haven't decided yet.
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  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    Yes, I'm DIYing a lot. Many things are in my bio.

    My DIY Projects:

    - invitations
    - programs
    - escort cards
    - table #s
    - garter
    - flags
    - pinwheels
    - favor tags
    - custom hangers with BM names
    - lots of signs and general decorations
    - mustaches and lips for photo station

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    @erollis: are you making 1000?  I just finished making 1000 cranes for my wedding.  It took three months to do--now I have 8 days to get them strung!

    Other DIY projects:
    luminaries for the porch outside
    ring bearer pillow
    veil (my mom made it)
    signs to hang from the front of tables: "just married" for our sweetheart, "love is sweet" for the cake, and "eat, drink & be married" for the food.
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    Everything but the attire and rings, and food are DIY.  We made the invites, rehearsal invites, programs, placecards, centerpieces, flowers, decor for the church, bouts, decor for the reception hall, etc.  It's taken all of 7 months to do eveyrthing, but completely worth it.  We very much want a 'handmade' feel to the wedding.
  • ccialoneccialone member
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    I was never really crafty. But I decided with over a year and a half engagment I can do a lot myself, and I AM LOVING IT!! So far I have done


    Still got to go
    - escort cards
    - table #s
    - custom hangers with BM names
    - lots of signs and general decorations
    - centerpieces
    - Lots of other small things :-)
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  • rbtrumpetrbtrumpet member
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    I'm only doing centerpieces and programs (along with tying bows and litttle things here and there).

    I'd be more DIY if I had time, but I work 2 jobs along w/ wedding planning and trying to keep up a semi-long-distance (~45 min apart, so we only see each other 3 dyas/week avg) relationshihp.  I just couldn't find any CPs or programs I liked...
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  • TwylaB123TwylaB123 member
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    On many things yes, but not to an extreme.  I know my crafting limitations.

    We're DIY'ing invitations, programs, escort cards, pew bows, table numbers, centerpieces, assembling favors from non-favor type things, making chocolate pretzels, directional signs, and embellishing very plain bubbles, guest book, etc.

    I'm too much of a coward to do the bouquets, bouts, altar flowers, food and my hair.
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    I had a few DIY projects:

    -table numbers
    -escort cards
    -place cards
    -favors (only partially, though)
    -programs (also just partially)
    -BM's jewelry
    -unity candle (didn't m,ake the candle, obviously, but I added ribbon and gems to it)
    -flower girl basket (same as above)
    -ring bearer pillow (My mother made it. It was so gorgeous. The prettiest one I've ever seen!)
    -garter (My mom made hers, and she basically repaired it and updated it a little to match my personality and gave it to me.)
    -invites (partially. More like assembled, but they were pain in the butt pocket cards)
    -paper cones (We wrote our first dance and we put the sheet music on purple paper, rolled them into cones and put flower petals in them for our exit.)

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    Very much so - being designers (both of us) it seems like we almost have to.
    We are doing our own
    -invites, save the dates, envelopes, envelope liner
    -Center pieces
    -Table number wine bottles
    -Escort cards....markers....things
    -Tissue paper decorations
    -Photography...kind of
    I know there is more....  I just can't think of it.
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    centerpieces and maybe bouquets
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    For the most part I am a DIY bride.
    My mom and I are making all the flower things---boquets, bouts, centerpieces, pew decorations, unity candle surroundings, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, etc.
    and we're also making the backdrop for the head table
    there's more, but i don't remember right off hand.

  • orangespidersorangespiders member
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    I am DIYing quite a bit. I have even taken up calligraphy so that I can do my own invitations. It's not much of a stretch though as I am going to school for drafting and have a nack for cartography.

    Invites, jewelry, BM gifts, centerpieces, bouquets, etc... Monkey see monkey do...
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