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Okay I am going to tip the hairstylist, makeup artist and dj for certain but what about the officiant, doc and photographer?

The officiant I found online  and the doc and photographer own their own businesses??? I know I can always tip if I want to but %15  adds up quick!!!

help please???

Ps.   FI has food poisoning, in getting iv fluids and meds....knottie prayers for a swift recovery please!!!!

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    i think that if you want to tip them, don't just do 15% do what you want.. especially for those who own their own businesses.. i was never going to tip 15% even those that i am supposed to tip... I was going to do what i saw fit. catering is taking 20% and they aren't getting extra.

    i'm so sorry about fi! sending vibes right now! tons of them!
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    **vibes for a healthy groom** Food poisioning is the worst, especially when you end up hooked up to an IV!  I hope he feels better soon!

    No advice on the tipping, but I'll be piggybacking this post!
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    I didn't tip any of my vendors. All of them were self employed except for the caterer, who had the gratuity included. And I did tip hair stylists, that you would normally tip any way. I figure I am already paying them a TON of money there is no way I can pay them another 15% on top of it. If you want to do extra do what you can afford. I did send Kate a wig to add to her photo booth with a thank you card. It was a small inside joke that tied in with our wedding. She got a kick out of it. I also send all of them very nice, heart felt thank you cards after the fact as well.
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    most of my vendors owned their own business..but i felt guilty not tipping anyways...but i didn't do "15%"...i just gave them all about an extra $50 after the fact, as a thank-you.
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    No need to tip the main photographer if they are the owner but if you have a second photographer/assistant.... please tip them. They don't get paid much and it is a very hard job. :)
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