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Both mine and FI's dad sing. My dad had suggested that they sing a duet at the wedding. FFIL was in town the past few days and I mentioned it to him and he was very interested. Our parents are going to meeting for the first time the day after Thanksgiving and FI and I will not be there for it (everything should go fine, our parents are very much alike, particularly our moms). Anyway, I really wanted a religious song or hymn for them to sing since right now we are not getting married in the church (several factors do not work with our timeline and such at our church) so we'll be getting married outside and I want the religious aspect to be there as much as possible. I came across the song "How Beautiful" by Twila Paris and wondered your thoughts on the song. This clip is hard to help imagine it as a wedding song because of the Passion clips, but I'd rather a clip where she's singing it then someone else.

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    I LOVE that song.  I'm also a huge Twila Paris (and Sandi Patty) fan.  I actually was thinking about having a Twila song at our wedding too.  

    Here are some other Twila gems you might consider:
    True Friend
    Not my Own
    Be Thou My Vision
    Run to You
    A Heart that Knows You

    If you go to you can listen to clips of the songs.  A lot of her songs are available in track form for a soloist (or whomever) to sing with a track.  So hard to choose!!! 

    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    I love that song, too! Let us know what you decide. 
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