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Can I buy my wedding programs anywhere or do I need to get them somewhere special.  I know they need to be pre-approved by the Church.  We are having a Catholic ceremony.  TIA
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    I'm making mine in Word, but we're having a Baptist ceremony.  You might want to check out the Catholic board.  They'll probably be able to help you more.

    Link to Catholic board:
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    You also might check out a christian retail store like Lifeway Christian Stores, Family Christian Stores... they have "church" wedding program paper that already has a beautiful image printed on the front.  You just create the program in word or publisher or any other program and print it out on a good printer or laser copier.  A lot of weddings have that in our church.  GL!
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    We did what Kellya suggested.  It was easy, relatively inexpensive, and they looked good.
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    We just did our own programs on MS Word and printed one out to have it photocopied by Staples.  You can get pre-printed programs (like a church bulletin) at most Christian stores or you can make your own (that is what we did).   I would recommend asking your priest for information about any restrictions or protocol for the programs to see if there is anything you should know before you go through the process of making yours.

    If you'd like some ideas on how your can format your program, I would be happy to share ours with you via email.  Just send me your email address via Private Message if you are interested.
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