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So I'm currently writing out my ceremony and I'm trying to find a reading from the book of Matthew. I did a search online but I didn't find anything in particular that I cared for for our  ceremony.

The reasoning for the book of Matthew is because it was my grandfathers favorite book of the Bible, and he is no longer with us.  I was thinking of having a reading from this book in a way to honor him.

Anyone have some ideas?

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Re: Book of Matthew

  • How about the Lord's Prayer? or Matt 22:36-40

  • The Beautitudes? [Matthew 5:3-12]
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  • Beatitudes (5:3-12)
    Salt and Light (5:13-17)
    Wise and Foolish Builders (7:24-27)

    You might also try looking at various versions of the verses to see if you like it better in a different translation.  I particularly like the New Living Translation, The Message and the Easy-to-Read Version.
  • If you don't like anything in the book, I would try to think of another tribute. I'm not sure it's sitting too well with me to pick scripture just because it was your grandfather's idea. I love the idea of honoring your grandfather, maybe it just seems to be using a sacred book inapproprately... IMO. I just think if you're going to use scripture, find something that resonates with you, something you want to be about as a couple, not just something in matthew that "works". 

    Sorry if this seems rude, I can't seem to get my thoughts down well tonight
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