Wow...being a maid of honor is hard!!!

So one of my closest friends is getting married a month after me and we are struggling to pick a date for the bridal shower and the bachelorette. I think there are going to be 3 different showers and one of those will be thrown by us bm/moh's (2). It is so hard to pick a date with girls living 3 hours away, working on the weekends, my wedding, another friend's wedding, nad the other moh being in Japan sometime until the middle of July!! My bridal shower and bachelorette are the weekend of July 17, my wedding is July 23 and we'll be honeymooning until August 1st. The other friend's wedding is on August 7. So that leaves us with 2 weekends to choose from and the bride doesn't want both parties on the same weekend.
Please send knottie vibes that we will all be able to attend the events the last 2 weeks before the wedding AND everyone will be happy! :) Thanks for listening.

Re: Wow...being a maid of honor is hard!!!

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