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Weird Friday... Not sure what to make of it!

Okay so here is the run-down:
Woke-up on time
Did a little WP online, emailed BM's
Went to work at normal time
Managed to get almost all green lights
Able to ride around some good drivers (for once!)

Got rear-ended.
Damage is 100% to rear bumper, and I was far enough from the cars in front of me that it was just a 2-car incident.  Called local police to come to file report, etc.
Went directly to Hyundai dealership to get estimate on repairs so the guy could decide if he will pay out of pocket or file through his insurance.
Since Hyundai place can't fix it today, or next week, there's no rush, and the car looks just fine for now.  
Guy will call me back on Monday between 11am and 12pm with what he's going to do.  We have the police report # as well as each others' contact numbers, so it's not the hugest concern.

As a result of that... I had to miss work today (work from 12-ish until 3:30). 

On my way back home, I'm a little shaken up and literally shaking.  Pull off and decide to stop at my favorite store (Bed Bath and Beyond)
Found an amazing deal on my flatware... only need 1 more box of it and it's been put on clearance (which usually means its being discontinued, so jump on it!)  CHECK, got the flatware. 

While I'm looking at the as-is rack, my phone rings: It's "Viva Wyndham."  Apparently we have won a free honeymoon, airfare excluded, but all other expenses paid (including food, spa, etc) to one of their destinations.  In addition, when we come to the info / orientation session to get info on our package, we will also collect our free "toasting flutes" that we apparently won (I already got toasting flutes so we'll give these to a friend who is getting married in January and JUST got engaged last week...)... So I will be going to the Comfort Inn in Greensboro (NC) next Tuesday evening with the FI to learn about what we've apparently "won."

I'm not getting my hopes up about actually winning a honeymoon package, because sometimes there are things you have to buy in order to receive the prize... but it can't hurt to drive 40 minutes west to hear about it.  

NOW... mom and I are going to Tanger Outlets to shop for the afternoon.  

July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!

Re: Weird Friday... Not sure what to make of it!

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    I wouldn't go to the "free honeymoon" thing.  It's going to be a very high pressue sales situation - most likely for a timeshare or condo that you can't afford.  They will make you feel like scum for not buying something, and they will probably hound you endlessly even if you do get a free "trip."  A trip which will probably be about 3 days and 2 nights long.  Is that really worth it?
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    So sorry about the accident- those are so scary! Glad you are ok. 
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