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Last Call for Prayer Partners!!

Hey girls, if you haven't read my PP post on prayer partners please go back to the main board and read it and email if you are interested.  I'll be emailing out round 1 of prayer partners this Saturday.  If you don't get me your info by then you can still get a prayer partner but it will be after the holidays most likely...
Here's the people that I already have info for: **We need at least one more person because right now we have an odd # with myself included**


Here's the info I need:
first name
birthday (month & day only)
city you live in
type of church you attend or denomination
wedding info (idate, city, venue)
a few fun facts about yourself (where you work, education, hobbies)

You DO NOT have to answer ALL of these if you do not want to, but it would help me match people up. I will email u your prayer partner next week.  Also, it may not only be nice to pray for you partner, but maybe send nice notes, mini-gifts occasionally, etc.

my email:

[email protected]

Re: Last Call for Prayer Partners!!

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    Aw, I think I had replied on the initial request... but maybe I forgot to reply?  Sorry... you can include me if there is room for one more.  If not, it's okay, but I'm willing if you need me. 
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    I emailed you as well with my info. Did you not get it? It's alright if you didnt. If there's no room for me,  no worries.
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    I guess I missed the cut off because I haven't received an e-mail yet? If so, that's okay...I'll just start on the next cycle.

    Thanks again for organizing this!
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