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For Sale - Devo book too!

Hello, Knotties!

I am still urking the board to see how I can pray for you and offer advice. I must admit that I don't want to overstick my nose in the board since I got married, so I don't always post. I just wanted to let you ladies know that I still have stuff for sale but now can add a devotional book that was recommended by our pre-maritial mentors. They ended up giving us a copy but not until we already purchased one! (">Devotions for Couples- Man in the Mirror Edition: For Busy Couples Who Want More Intimacy in Their Relationships, it is by Morley) Please private message me if you are interested in it or anything else on the list.

Thanks and G_d Bless!

Bride & Groom coozies
~20 STD stickers
~20 black petal cones (already have white ribbon that can be removed)
1 box of faux red rose petals
B&G stamp (very cute!)
tiara w/ pink stones (Bach party accessory) 
1 bag of red stones
"bride" white, medium, t-shirt
planner/organizer binder
5 silver mint julip cups
a few white paper bags w/ a B&G stamped on them
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