Wedding Woes


- I was driving with SIL to go to lunch with MIL and GMIL. We passed a billboard that said, "Abortion Hurts Women." It didn't say why, nor did it explain how unwanted children help out the cause. I told her about the "Wannabe Marxist Dictator" billboard I saw in KS with Obama's face on it. The South is the place to be for billboards that will make you go 0_0

- Dinner with Fireman Dan tonight. Woo Hoo. Socializing.

- I'm hoping someone will give me some work soon. I finished the two projects I was given when I started and now I need more to do. I am guessing it'll take a minute to get back in the swing of things after the holiday.

- I asked my friend about what to get my sisters and she asked what do they like. I honestly could not tell her. Ugh....I hate xmas.

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