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drama as a mrs

does anyone get the "wow you get married and  are too busy to call " crap.
i am adjusting to being a mrs, plus going back to work.   i have a relative whom i was very close to many years ago.  however, her feelings toward somethings have pushed us apart some.   i make effort to keep in contact and be respectful, but life being busy i dont always get time to make a call and check in.  i dont really get them from this person like i did.

well i spoke to this person a month ago..they called.  and i get the Oooo you are so busy now.. where have you been.. oohh it must to so hard crap.  i just go along with it because i get upset and makes the "pushing apart" feeling worse.  when i do call, i feeel like im bothering this person.   so i call today after that last call and i get the "ooo you are now back at must be such a hard life"  i respond the same and now im upset.  does anyone get crap like this?  this person is the only person i get it from. i want to say something so bad but dont kow what. i have in the past and it doesnt get me anywhere.  but this is why i dont want to call in the first place

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