Wedding Woes

Every wedding has 1 idiot. What did yours do?

My friends and family are telling me to "get over it", but I just can't. During our ceremony, someone "stole" my husband's wallet out of his car, in my grandmother's driveway. She has lived in this house for 60 years, nothing has ever been stolen before, but this day, someone had to! We went to leave the house to go to the reception and he realized it was gone. We tore the car apart, tore the house apart.... his work ID was in there, his firefighter badge, the check to pay the venue, credit cards, cash, etc. (I know, I know. It shouldn't have been in the car. It was a stupid last minute decision because he didn't want that "bulge". Whatever.)
We were over an hour late to our reception because of this and the entire time all we thought about was what debit cards were in there and calling the bank to put a stop on the check, and who was riding around town now calling themselves a firefighter. Luckily the venue is owned by friends of ours who let us pay the next day! 
I grabbed the card box to bring with us. We went to an after party at the hotel, then back to the room where I opened up the box, and there in a big, fat envelope - was the wallet. No one has come forward and it really just annoys me that someone ruined it for us by doing something so stupid. All someone had to do at the reception was tell us! Although, it did make me forget that the florist decided to go her own route with the centerpieces. I had our initials carved into the birch bark vases, with red roses. She went after everything had already been set up, and no one was around and switched it to the mason jars which had lined the walkway. Hiding my 34 vases. The venue owner noticed her doing this and figured she would just switch it back after she left. She just wanted the crazy lady off of her property!  But, of course she couldn't get them all done in time. Oh well, guess I do need to get over it! I just needed to vent to people who know exactly how I feel!

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