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  • i don't trust april to steal it all and blow it on t-shirts in vegas.
  • Yes, let's perpetuate the message to teens that if they have a kid at 16, they get a TV show, countless magazine covers, and their college tuition paid for by a popular blog.

    I'm sure MTV is paying them enough to cover tuition.
  • I think they were said to be getting paid around $60K per season.  That's enough for maybe 2 years...maybe.
  • Will MTV pay for my college? I've been watching them since before I went to college, and then I was in college for ten years, and I have been out for over four and I am STILL watching MTV. That has to be worth SOMETHING. I would have worn MTV advertising in my thesis and doctoral defense. They could have pimped me out like a NASCAR.
  • As much as I hope they do well, $60,000 is more than enough for community college... if April didn't blow it on meth.
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  • How many seasons have they done?  If they saved they could go to college.  Also there are scholarships, and instate schools
  • Are they 18?  I wouldn't give them any money if their parents could take it because they're underage or something.  Also, have they even graduated high school yet?  I remember that being an issue during the season, they didn't have enough credits to graduate on time so they have to go for an extra semester or something.

    And finally, wouldn't it be better to have them get admitted to college and then pay the college directly or something?  I can't support giving teenagers a wad of cash and saying "now this is for please use it for that, k thanks"
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