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Hi all,

Is anyone else freaking out about seeing the bottom line on their wedding balance sheets?  I know weddings are a lot of money, and I'm willing to spend in order to have a wonderful experience with my FH.  This isn't really about the money:  We can definitely afford a bigger wedding than we're having.  It's just that I'm worried that my regret over the expense will outweigh my enjoyment of the day.

Eloping is not really an option - my very traditional parents would be crushed, and I don't want to disappoint them.

Is anyone else having the problem?  If so, how are you dealing with it?  How do I decide?

Re: Buyer's Remorse

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    If you really can afford it and really think it's worth the money, then there's nothing to stress about. If I were losing sleep over it, I'd take another look at my finances and/or readjust the number I thought I was comfortable with.
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